It is curious and disturbing that after recent elections in which many Eastern Pennsylvania jurisdictions that have traditionally voted Republican fell into the Democratic column, and as the GOP suffered blistering defeats in this month's elections, losing the governorship of Kentucky and control of the Virginia General Assembly, Southwestern Pennsylvania has moved further away from the Democrats with Washington and Greene counties joining Fayette County under Republican control.

What do the residents of these formerly Democratic Southwestern Pennsylvania counties like about the Republicans? Do they believe that:

n the coal industry is going to thrive again?

n a self-dealing billionaire president who seeks to enrich himself first and foremost cares about them?

Do they like national policies that seek to slash both illegal and legal immigration, even seeking to bar form our country those who risked their lives by aiding us in our occupation of Iraq?

Do they believe that adopting a "pro-life" (pro-fetus) position is paramount when the leader of the party and his followers have little regard or respect for the human being who has emerged from the womb?

Are rank and file workers who are the backbone of southwestern Pennsylvania pleased by the nominations of judges and justices who have demonstrated fealty to corporate America over the little guy and gal?

Do they believe that a Republican president can in fact do anything he wants, that he could not be prosecuted or even investigated while in office if he were to shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue as he has said he could get away with?

Do they identify with a president who publicly uses profanity and engages in name-calling, hating and attempting to destroy anyone who disagrees with him. ruling with an iron fist through fear and intimidation?

Do they believe that a president who disregards the law and the Constitution, who brands those who cooperate with the government as "rats" and dangles pardons before those who stonewall investigations is worthy of leading the free world?

Do they consider the consequences of alienating and burning bridges with our allies while cozying up to murderous dictators, going so far as to say that he has "fallen in love" with a man who has starved and imprisoned myriad innocent citizens of his country?

Do they have concerns that tax reform which bears the president's imprint did little for them, but a great deal for those individuals and corporations at the top?

Is a denial of climate change and its ramifications for our children and grandchildren acceptable to them? Do we pursue family-sustaining jobs at all costs, endangering the quality of our air and water?

I do not understand how working class individuals can pledge their allegiance to a party that does not stand for them, but I will delight in the fact that taken as a whole, Pennsylvania has seen through a GOP which has been hijacked, a party which is no longer patriotic or honorable.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township

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It boggles the mind, Oren. I've tried to figure it out for three years. It's difficult to understand how anyone can support a man who constantly lies to them.


Keep America Great Thank You President TRUMP


Vote democrat for free hand outs!!!!

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