It better be worth a lot to all of us. Our mothers carried us for 9 months and went thru pain to give us life. She nourished us and cared for us with the support of our Father until we grew up and went on our own. Some were better then others but God gave us a brain and a soul to make our own decisions. Most of us got married, some had children but we worked hard to support our Family. A lot are still trying to do it.

We were taught to love and respect our God, life and country (flag) and we tried to teach our kids the same. We stood for something and cherished our lives as well as our loved ones. In most cases we also tried to respect peoples lives and rights. We need to honor, respect and gives thanks to all the Americans that sacrificed so much to enable us to have the freedom to make our own decisions that would give our lives meaning.

Little by little, we have let our pride and respect for our God, Life and our Freedom be taken away from us. In our own way, we all have contributed and are responsible for what is happening in our country today. "When we look in a mirror, we see ourselves, no one else." We need to ask ourselves, are we really honoring the the Americans that gave their lives for our Freedom. Are we as individuals doing our part to keep that freedom alive in our country.

What I am trying to say, let's stop letting these hateful, corrupt and radical people (traitors is the correct word) from destroying our lives. Let's join together (United States of America), stand up against this tyranny and take back the values that made our Life worth something and then give it back to our kids and grandkids. Most importantly, let's give our lives back to our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and honor him by respecting his teachings and living our lives for him. Put our complete Faith and Trust in him. (That is the winning ticket.)

God Bless all of us and this great country.

Gene Barnhart


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