What more could possibly go wrong for President Joe Biden?

He took office at a time that our country is as divided as it has been since the Civil War and in which some foresee another such conflict on the horizon. He continues to labor under the promotion of a baseless and dangerous assertion that he was not the rightful winner of the November 2020 election, many seeing him as an illegitimate president as they willfully disregard the truth, believing what they want to believe.

Our withdrawal from Afghanistan, though appropriate and overdue, was a calamity. The orderly and efficient departure which the president told us would take place was anything but: chaos and desperation reigned as many Americans and Afghan allies who helped us were abandoned. American soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack at the Kabul Airport and many Afghans lost their lives in the mad scramble to get out of the country before the Taliban resumed its reign of terror. All of the mayhem and disorder was on view for the world to see.

The coronavirus which has upended our lives continues to be a huge factor due in large part to millions of individuals who for various reasons refuse to protect themselves and others by being vaccinated.

Inflation and supply chain problems, which can in no way be laid solely at the feet of the president, are now issues of grave concern to the American people. All of us are impacted as we see soaring prices at the gas pump and in grocery stores. These issues are the president's to own and remedy.

The Biden Build Back Better Plan, which even in its pared-back version would cost more than $2 trillion dollars, is held up as the national debt continues to explode and many, including Democrats, question whether our entitlement society can afford a massive expansion. The president did not help his cause when he asserted that the bill was fully paid for.

Understandably, the president's popularity has plunged. If elections were held today, there would be every reason to expect a Republican rout of the Democrats and control of Congress shifting.

It would be simplistic to say that history shows that the pendulum always swings back, that the Republicans will regain control until they disappoint, and that the leadership of the country will ultimately return to the Democrats. At this point in our history, that is by no means certain as the GOP is making great headway in sinking our democracy, imposing the tyranny of the minority through gerrymandering and commandeering state governments in those in which they have wrested control. They are replacing honest election officials with stooges and diminishing voting rights as the United States Supreme Court looks on without concern.

We can only hope that this era will demonstrate that it is darkest just before dawn. I hope that we will someday again be able to accurately refer to our country as the United States of America.

Oren Spiegler

Peters Township

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