''Abortion'', we just did not believe that something like this would ever happen. Then Roe vs Wade happened. Even when we began to feel and see the impact, a lot of us just stood by and let it continue to get worse. Some endorsed it and others voted for their Party when they knew that it supported abortion. We forgot our religious values.

What are we as parents and Grandparents doing to educate our children and grandchildren about respecting the value of life and the physical and emotional effects of abortion.

What a terrible situation for a teenager or young adult that gets pregnant. They feel all alone and fear sets in and all they can say, ''please someone help me, I don't know what to do." A lot of them are so ashamed and scared they choose to have an abortion. It's a quick solution but does it solve the problem, no, it is just starting.

The emotional hangover and physical suffering will follow them for the rest of their lives. Just ask the lady of Roe vs Wade about how she was mislead in making poor decisions concerning her abortion and how it affected her life. By the way, she later attended a "Right to life Rally" in Washington, D.C., as a guest.

It is not easy to stand for your christian values if it is your daughter that is pregnant. You worry about her future, raising of a child at a young age and the responsibilities that comes with it. A few parents, choose abortion for their daughter to save embarrassment to them and their family. It's a quick solution but the after affects on the daughter could be devastating.

The way to start solving this problem is for us to start advising our children at an early age that life is a precious gift from God and we need to respect it. What is more important? We need to show it by example. When they get older, we need to explain to them what abortion is, that it is wrong and that it is not the solution.

If your daughter does get pregnant, take time and talk to her. Let her know that this child is a beautiful creation of God and that this baby will bring her a lot of happiness, comfort and love if she accepts the responsibility and loves her child.

Also be honest with her and let her know that there will be hardships and responsibilities in raising her child, but the family will always be there for her, the baby and know matter what everything will workout.

Take time and contact a right to life agency and let the counselors talk to you and your daughter.

Their truthful guidance will give your daughter as well as you the parents faith, strength and courage to trust in each other and make the choice of life for that baby. They will let you know that they will be there for you while you go thru this trying time. Just put your faith and trust in God, be patient and let him work thru your lives.

Parents stand up against abortion, just think what kind of example you will set for your daughter in helping her to understand the value of life. Just think maybe by educating and setting an example might help to prevent your daughter from getting pregnant in the first place.

May God bless and give all families strength, courage and guidance concerning abortion.

Gene Barnhart is s resident of McClellandtown.

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Mr. Barnhart writes a very thoughtful letter. He is right on. We cannot stand by and allow the continued murder of unborn children. We do have to lead by example. This includes how we vote and the political party that we support. There is one party that promotes abortion up until the day of birth. We as Christians can no longer stand by and not recognize that the culture of death has infiltrated our society. If you do not take a stand now, when will you take stand? A prominent bishop stated the following, "A society that allows parents to murder their unborn children, will become a society that allows children to murder their parents." We are now allowing euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide to become acceptable "forms of treatment". Our pastors need to step up and preach the Gospel of Life and lead their sheep in true biblical doctrine before it is too late.

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