Lets take time to compare what the Democratic Party supports compared to the President of the United States. Put your anger and hostility for this man aside for awhile and replace them with your respect for God and country before passing judgement.

In my opinion, members of the Democratic Party, four freshman Congress women and the Democratic candidates support: open borders, doing away with border patrol, ISIS, allow inmates to vote, allow illegal immigrants to obtain a valid license and vote. (It would make you think that they are more concerned about votes instead of the American people).

I believe they support lowering the voting age to sixteen. They support the "Green New Deal". They support all current procedures of abortion and endorse supporting Planned Parenthood.

Some support sanctuary cities. From what I've read, these cities are rapidly being destroyed with crime, high rate of homicides, loss of respect for law enforcement, nothing being done with police officers being abused and assaulted. Families and the elderly being forced to making decisions due to the living conditions and fear. Note: These cities are under the control of Democratic leadership.

In my opinion, the most important factor that has really kept this country united, "God." I feel the Democratic Party supports taking God out of our schools, government buildings, government documents, currency and most importantly, taking Christian values away from our children. Check and see how often the Democratic Party and candidates use God in their conversations, speeches and debates. They have abused the word racist and destroyed it's true meaning.

What does President Trump support? Securing the borders, provide additional border patrol, ISIS and providing the necessary security devices. He cares about the Americans that are being raped, murdered and the massive drugs entering through our borders by the illegal immigrants He also cares about the young girls being raped, kids being used as shields, being dragged across the border by these immigrants claiming they are their children and than abandoning them once they enter our country.

The fake news media and Democrats will not mention this.

He is against illegal immigrants having the right to obtain a valid drivers license, totally against inmates and illegal immigrants having the right to vote. He believes that to vote you must be a citizen of the United States. He does not support sixteen-year-olds being able to vote.

He is totally against the Green New Deal because it would lead our nation into socialism, which would give complete control to the Government.

The president is against abortion and supports the right to life. He is doing what he can to take benefits away from Planned Parenthood. I believe it is a business and should be self-supporting. He does not support sanctuary cities and he  is fighting against anyone who is contributing to the the destruction of these cities and the people that a live there. I read that Baltimore was given $1.5 billion by President Obama to correct the problem and I think the conditions are worst now then what they were then. The president is asking where the money went.

This man supports God, is encouraging God to be placed back into our schools, government and into society. If you would watch any of his rallies, you will hear him speak of God on numerous occasions and he says "In God We Trust" and "God Bless America" at the end of his speeches. He has also said that every human being has the right to life and that it is God's creation.

When I went into the Marine Corps and went through boot camp, I did not by any means like my D.I. and the things he said and made us do. But I did respect what he did to prepare us to fight for our country, to respect our flag and the soldiers that died protecting it and to be willing to do the same.

God Bless America and In God we Trust.

Gene Barnhart is s resident of McClellandtown.

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Good article. Well thought and true.


hey gene, that's the problem with your religious monger do what ever you want in the name of god, just show up at church on sunday pray a little and all is forgiven... it's people like you that make this country weak.. trump is a lying, over 10000 times and counting moron.. and his following are just as moronic as he and it is sad to think that god would have any part of this.. so gene what is your motive or are you as comfortable with your false truths as trump.. or maybe you think it is ok to lie just as long as you finish with a-men..



Saved by grace

You are right Ed it is a good article . However, I am deeply offended by that guy who referred to some people as moronic. I have a question for you, how long did you study to be a moron.? On a more serious note ,don't ever attack cur faith in Christ. That is an attack on Him also. You should be thankful that its Christ that you are insulting instead of those other false gods. if you did you be decapitated. Jesus would forgive if you would humble yourself.


Saved by grace the person you refer to in my opinion should not even receive the dignity of a reply. He is so filled with hate that he cannot even think a rational thought. His hatred of Trump is only exceeded by that of his hatred of Christ and the bible.

Saved by grace

I just read pacmans letter again and I couldn't believe it. So I read it again. Mr pacman you haven't changed one bit over the years, If somebody doesn't agree with you , you resort to name caling. You really crossed the line this time. You sunk to a new level this time by calling Mr Barnhart weak and saying he was the problem.. I don't know mr Barnhart personally but to say that is unexcusable. I served 7 years in the army as a combat engineer and I have always held a marine in a higher regard than any other person or branch of service. Mr pacman, you deserve a slap in the face and Mr Barnhart deserves an apology

Saved by grace

Ed you are right. I almost got caught in that same trap that he is in. I am referring to eight years of Obama. I can honestly say I never hated him , inever hated anyone in my entire life. Most people don't realize that we are supposed to pray for our leaders. Oh well that's enough on this. thanks for the input Ed

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