Krystal Bowlen

Age: 29

Beginning weight: 253

Week 2: 250

Week 3: 248.25

Week 4: 248

Week 5: 247

Week 6: 246.5

Week 7: 244.5

Week 8: 244.75

Week 8: 246.75

Week 9: 242.25

Week 10: 245

Week 11: 241.25

Week 12: 241.75

Hometown: Point Marion

Family: Married to husband with two children.

Occupation: Substitute teacher

"My goal is to get back in shape and be healthy again."

This week's coverage

Although the winner of the Get Fit Challenge still has to be revealed, the first chapter of this book for CrossFit U-Town gym owners Jason and Amy Tungate has pretty much come to an end, and 13 weeks later, the duo is thrilled to have been a part of these contestants journeys.

Front: CrossFit U-Town Owner, Jason Tungate. Back from left: Contestants, Zach Hixson, Ray Newhouse Jr., Doug Crouse, Randy Cantrell, Shellie Cantrell, Angela Vernet, Alexandra Griffith, Donna Galderisi and Kathy Reed.