Jeff Nicholson

Age: 59

Beginning weight: 242.5

Week 2: 240.25

Week 3: 235.5

Week 4: 233

Week 5: 233.75

Week 6: 229

Week 7: 225.25

Week 8: 223.5

Week 9: 220.5

Week 10: 220

Week 11: 219

Week 12: 218

Hometown: Dunbar

Family: Married to his wife with two children and five grandchildren.

Occupation: Retired Columbia Gas worker, now self-employed

"I would like to get back in shape and start feeling good again."

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Although the winner of the Get Fit Challenge still has to be revealed, the first chapter of this book for CrossFit U-Town gym owners Jason and Amy Tungate has pretty much come to an end, and 13 weeks later, the duo is thrilled to have been a part of these contestants journeys.

Front: CrossFit U-Town Owner, Jason Tungate. Back from left: Contestants, Zach Hixson, Ray Newhouse Jr., Doug Crouse, Randy Cantrell, Shellie Cantrell, Angela Vernet, Alexandra Griffith, Donna Galderisi and Kathy Reed.