One of the most frequent pro wrestling topics that I am emailed about weekly is when will independent pro wrestling shows start back up.

The easy answer is there really isn’t an answer.

There is no way to take an educated guess as to when shows will pick back up, and on top of that, when will fans be allowed to attend.

There are numerous independent, or “indy” for short, promotions and they all fall under the CDC guidelines for attendance at events.

With COVID numbers on the rise, is it a safe bet to say it will be several months until the thought of shows can even be pondered?

Until a vaccine is made, and until numbers start to drop, who knows what lies ahead for indy promotions.

With the number of cases expected to continue to rise through the holidays, could we be looking at no fans in attendance for any kind of event in the first quarter of 2021?

One thing the long layoff has given promoters is plenty of time to think about how they can grow their respective promotions.

What worked for them and what didn’t? What ideas can they come up with storyline wise as well as with getting fans in the doors?

I would say it is going to take at least four or five more months for indy shows to pick up, and hopefully for fans of local wrestling, shows can start up again sooner than later.

Thoughts on Taker’s farewell

Last Sunday at the Survivor Series, WWE paid tribute to The Undertaker at the end of the show.

It was 30 years to the day Taker had debuted, and how WWE handled it was as it should have been, with one hiccup.

The segment started with several of Taker’s real-life friends form the wrestling business, several who are legends, being introduced and making their way to the ring.

After they were all introduced, a video package aired.

When the package concluded, none of the wrestlers that had just been introduced were in the ring.

They were gone. Why even bring them out?

Vince McMahon came to the ring and introduced Taker who came to the ring to say goodbye.

A touching moment took place when a hologram of Paul Bearer was shown as a recording of Bearer’s voice said his patented, “Oh, yes.”

Take knelt down, as he did for years, towards the hologram with Bearer holding an urn up.

The Taker part could not have gone better, and the segment was produced by McMahon.

I just wish WWE would have left the legends in the back as their appearance brought nothing to the moment.

Reigns/Drew delivers

The main event match at Survivor Series saw Universal champion Roman Reigns defeat WWE champion Drew McIntyre in one of the better matches in 2020.

There has been talk that if The Rock does not come back to face Reigns at WrestleMania, a rematch between Reigns and McIntyre could take place.

Anyone good with the possibility? I am as well.

Bob Ryder passes away

Bob Ryder, an Impact Wrestling executive from debuting as TNA Wrestling, passed away Wednesday at the age of 64.

Ryder debuted as part of the business in the mid-1990’s when the Internet first began to take off.

Ryder held the first-ever WWF chat at WrestleMania XI with Shawn Michaels and Diesel (Kevin Nash) before also working for ECW and WCW.

When both of those two companies died, Ryder shared his concerns about a monopoly to the pro wrestling business and wasn’t he right.

It was at that time that he approached Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, according to, about starting a new company.

In June 2002, TNA was born.

This Day in History

In 2010, Sheamus won the King of the Ring.

This week’s question

How long will Braun Strowman be suspended? Timmy, from Perryopolis.

Strowman’s “suspension” could last one week or it could play out as far as the Royal Rumble.

My guess is he asked for time off and it was granted.

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