With the NBA playoffs taking place some nights on TNT and NHL playoffs been shown occasionally on the USA Network, AEW and NXT have not been going head-to-head much as of late.

With both the NBA and NHL winding down, AEW and NXT look to be heading back to their weekly competition.

But the question that may need to be answered in the near future for the head-to-head between the two is, how much longer will they face off?

With NXT airing last week on Tuesday, it drew over 800,000 viewers, while AEW went over one million viewers unopposed a night later.

AEW isn’t moving off TNT as the NBA has its nights locked in, but will NXT move nights?

There is next to no chance Vince McMahon would ever accept defeat to AEW and move NXT, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen.

If the USA Network looks at NXT’s ratings on Tuesday nights by itself compared to Wednesday nights when opposite AEW, it may force WWE to move the show.

It would get more eyeballs on the excellent NXT product, but it also means more eyes will be on the hot AEW brand.

McMahon would sacrifice numbers for his “minor league” show to keep AEW’s numbers slightly lower and it would be a safe bet that WWE would offer facts — or excuses, depending on how you want to look at it — as to why AEW is drawing better than NXT.

AEW fans know who will be on Dynamite, while fans who watch NXT never know if one of its stars will be on Smackdown that Friday or on Raw the next Monday.

When it comes to the brands, AEW is being built around wrestlers it wants to make stars, while NXT is built off its name as a brand.

There is a difference between the brands.

NXT has won the head-to-head battle six times and the shows have tied once since the promotions started running head-to-head almost one year ago. Both promotions are growing as they do their own thing, but don’t be surprised if NXT is doing theirs on a different night in the future.

Rousey back to WWE?

A photo circulated through social media of Ronda Rousey Monday afternoon working out in a wrestling ring.

Could this mean that a return to WWE is on the horizon for the former Raw title holder?

Rousey has not wrestled since she main-evented against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 35.

Banks headed to Star Wars

Disney released a trailer for the second season of The Mandalorian, the popular Star Wars show on Disney+.

Seen in the trailer was WWE star Sasha Banks, although her character is not known as of yet. However, there have been some rumblings that Banks could be portraying Sabine Wren.

For those not familiar with Star Wars outside of the movies, Wren was a key character from the cartoon series titled Rebels.

Hardy signs new deal

Intercontinental champion Jeff Hardy has signed a new multi-year deal with WWE. Details were not released.

Pair sign WWE deals

It was announced Wednesday that former Intercontinental champion Wade Barrett signed a one-year deal with WWE where he will be an announcer, although he did not rule out a return to the ring.

Then on Friday, word broke that former women’s and diva’s champion Melina signed a deal to return to the company.

On This Day ..

In 1993, it was announced on Raw that Shawn Michaels had been stripped of the Intercontinental title due to a dispute with management.

Over the course of two episodes of Raw, a new champion was crowned as Razor Ramon pinned Rick “The Model” Martel on the second show.

The previous episode, Ramon and Martel were the last two participants in a battle royal to earn spots in the match.

In 1998, The Undertaker and Kane simultaneously pinned WWF champion Stone Cold Steve Austin. Neither man was officially crowned champion, although Austin “lost” the title.

This was part of an angle that would lead to a tournament to crown a new WWF champion at Survivor Series, with The Rock winning his first world title by defeated Mankind in the finals.

This week’s question

Is Alexa Bliss going to become Sister Abigail? Shawn Hayduk, online reader from Manheim.

For years, Bray Wyatt spoke about Sister Abigail, although the character never debuted on TV. As of late, WWE has been teasing Bliss aligning with Wyatt, so the Sister Abigail whispers have become louder each week.

It is almost as if too many people are expecting it, so WWE may try to surprise everyone in a different direction, but yes, it is a possibility.

Email questions/comments to powerhousehughes@gmail.com or tweet them to @BillHughes_III.

Email questions/comments to powerhousehughes@gmail.com or tweet to @BillHughes_III.

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