Have had several pro wrestling questions sent in this week, so let’s take a look at them!

Josie from Uniontown wants to know why Charlotte, Becky and Bayley were left of the WrestleMania card.

Several people have asked similar questions, and there are different ways to look at this. Flair was out for health reasons and Lynch wasn’t ready after recently giving birth.

Bayley, it is a little confusing to me as she was the best female wrestler in WWE in 2020. I am still confused as to her being left off the card.

That said, those three (and Sasha Banks) have been established for a while and with WWE showcasing other female talents, it shows the depth of the division.

Bobby from Waynesburg wants to know if AEW Dynamite’s drop in fans this past week should concern fans.

Absolutely not, although this coming Wednesday may provide a different opinion.

This past Wednesday, AEW drew 889,000 viewers, down from last week’s 1,104,000.

However, there shouldn’t be concern just yet.

The number was down due to President Biden addressing the nation and people tuning in, and the guess here is that the Dynamite number will rebound well this week.

Scott from Perryopolis wants to know if WWE being on Peacock will really benefit both sides.

Absolutely, and it already is.

WWE is now available in countless more homes while Peacock has reached 42 million subscribers, which is up from 33 million last quarter.

Shantae from Uniontown asked if Miz and Mrs. is really a reality show or if it is scripted.

The guess here is that it is heavily scripted. I have seen some of the episodes and it comes across as being way too set up to be real.

Bobbi from Fayette City wants to know what is next for Daniel Bryan.

This column was turned in before Smackdown aired Friday night, but I am going with the assumption that Roman Reigns retained the Universal title against Bryan, meaning Bryan is leaving Smackdown.

The easy move for Bryan is to head to Raw, but his contract is expiring this year. Could he leave WWE and wrestle elsewhere?

While Bryan would do well regardless of where he wrestles, the hunch here is that he will sign a massive financial deal to stay with WWE while wrestling a part-time schedule.

Bryan has stated that he wants to be home more with his family and see his kids grow up.

So what is next for Bryan?

A massive payday for him to wrestle a lot less than what he has been doing.

Timmy from Smock wants to know if Kenny Omega is now the best wrestler in the world because of adding the Impact title to his collection of belts.

Depends on how one looks at it. Looking at it from just a fans perspective, some may think he would now be considered the best. From the perspective of someone inside the business, it could simply be looked at that he is getting a big push.

Supporters of Omega will say that he is indeed the best wrestler in the world, but detractors will say that he has pull behind the scenes and is overrated.

It all depends on where people stand.

This Day in History

In 1987, Curt Hennig won his lone world championship when he defeated Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA title. Hennig would go on to bigger fame under the Mr. Perfect moniker in WWF.

In 2000, Chris Jericho wins the WWF Intercontinental tile for the third time as he defeated Chris Benoit. To date, Jericho has won the IC title a record nine times.

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