COAL CENTER — Buzz Garnic Jr. has no plans to stop training boxers, and Daniel Martz hopes he can get the 65-year veteran of the fight game a chance to guide him to a world title.

Martz, a Clarksburg, West Virginia native, will step into the ring on Saturday at the Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with Charles Martin in a 10-round battle at heavyweight. The fight will be broadcast on Fox Sports 1, and the event is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.

Martz, who has been training at Garnic’s Round 2 Boxing Gym in Coal Center since January, knows he is in for a challenge against Martin, who comes into the bout at 26-2-1 with 23 knockouts, but is confident that a full camp with Garnic will be one advantage against the former International Boxing Federation (IBF) Heavyweight Champion.

“Me and Martin kind of came up at the same time,” said Martz who is 18-6-1 with five knockouts as a professional. “We turned pro the same year and I met him in New Hampshire. He was fighting on the same card as I was, and I fought his stable mate, and every since then, I kind of thought we would meet up eventually. And now is the right time, I think, for both of us.

“Buzz has been in the game a long time, and he’s taught me a lot. He helps me out a lot with making sure I eat the right way and takes care of all that extra stuff away so I can just focus on training. It is great coming up here. We definitely put in the work and it is a true boxing camp.”

Garnic is glad to work with Martz, and hopes to continue with the heavyweight as his moves further in his boxing career.

“He (Martz) is the only that kept me in this,” Garnic said. “He trains very hard and does everything that I ask of him.”

Martin is a southpaw, but Martz has been sparring with Lenroy Thomas, a left-handed fighter who was born in Jamaica but resides in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Thomas is 22-5-1 with 10 knockouts, and won the Commonwealth (British Empire) Heavyweight Championship on May 27, 2017, with a split decision over David Allen (17-4-2, 14 KOs).

“I brought a good sparring partner in and we’ve had a good camp,” Martz said. “Martin is a southpaw, but that has worked out great for me, because in the last two to three months, all I have been able to get is southpaw sparring, even when I was training for a right-handed guy last month, but the fight got cancelled.

“I have been in shape and living up here since January, and I’m not going in as the opponent. I have been training all the time and also eating healthy. I am going in as the guy to win the fight. I believe I have him on size, speed and power. The only thing he really has on me is the name. I think it is going to be a good thing for me and a surprise for Martin.”

Both fighters are 4-2 in their last six bouts, with Martz defeating Rubin Williams, Richard Carmack, Tim Washington and Arthur Saribekian, but losing to Luis Ortiz and Bryant Jennings. Martin has victories over Gregory Corbin, Michael Marrone, Byron Polley and Vyacheslav Glazkov, and lost to Adam Kownacki and Anthony Joshua.

Martz, at 6-foot-7 and ½, has a two-and-a half inch height advantage on Martin, but the man known as “Prince Charles” has a one-inch reach advantage.

Martz knows that he is looked at as the opponent to build up Thomas’ resume, but the fighter known as “The Mountain” is ready to show a national television audience on Fox Sports 1 that he is ready to take the next step.

“A lot of people think I’m coming is as the “B” side, and we don’t feel that way,” Martz said. “I have always been traveling to fights my whole career, and this is nothing new to me. The pressure is definitely on him.”

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