A rumor that started as a whisper has picked up some traction, and that rumor is that WWE Hall of Famer Edge may be returning to the ring at WrestleMania.

One of the most decorated WWE superstars of all-time, Edge retired after winning the WWE World title from Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania XXVII.

He was forced to medically retire and had neck surgery a short time later.

Edge was told by doctor’s that he was lucky that he did not become paralyzed in the match with Del Rio and had he taken just one bump a little off, he would not be walking today.

What has flown under the radar is that Edge signed a new talent contract with WWE recently, but not many people knew about it. Was this a sign from WWE that they were worried that Edge would go to AEW?

He has been medically cleared for years, but WWE doctors would not clear him.

Does this sound familiar?

WWE would not allow Daniel Bryan to wrestle, but as soon as he said he was going to wrestle elsewhere once his WWE deal was up, WWE’s medical professionals cleared him.

If Edge were to return, what would his schedule be like? There is no way Edge could ever wrestle full-time again, and the hunch here is that he would do limited appearances like Brock Lesnar.

Speaking of Lesnar, I don’t see him being Edge’s opponent at Mania as Lesnar’s style is way too physical.

Regardless, if Edge does come back, look for his return to be hyped as one of the top matches at Mania.

Another possibility would be that Edge could be a mystery entrant in the Royal Rumble.

Lesnar’s Mania match to be set at Rumble?

While on the topic of Lesnar, the WWE champion, Paul Heyman announced on Raw last Monday that Lesnar would enter the Royal Rumble at No. 1.

Pro Wrestling Booking 101 states that Lesnar’s Mania opponent will be the man who eliminates him from the Rumble.

Will WWE go with a legend to create a big-time match, or will it lean towards a younger wrestler who could be made a star if the match were to be booked the right way?

Someone like Keith Lee or Aleister Black would be a great fit as a young performer who could be elevated by eliminating Lesnar from the Rumble and then facing him at Mania. Or does WWE go with a surprise like The Rock, The Undertaker or CM Punk?

Just think how massive it would be, as Lesnar enters the Rumble first and is waiting for the next guy to come out, if The Rock came down to the ring?

Importance of YouTube in wrestling

How big is YouTube in the world of professional wrestling? In 2019, WWE brought in $13 million on YouTube alone.

DVR helping AEW and NXT

Variety ran a piece on Wednesday discussing how DVRs have helped bump numbers for AEW and NXT as they go head to head.

When looking at the live numbers plus DVR +7 (meaning the show has been watched within seven days of when it aired live), AEW is averaging 1.2 million viewers per week while NXT is at 972,000 views.

On This Day ...

In 1998, Mike Tyson and WWE came to terms on an agreement for him to appear at WrestleMania XIV.

I was at that show and there truly was electricity in the air that night.

This week’s question

Will WWE really let Hulk Hogan wrestle at WrestleMania? Mark, Waynesburg.

If Hogan is medically cleared, I would not be surprised to see him do one more match. He is haunted by the fact that his last match was in Impact (TNA).

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