Madison Wiltrout needed two throws to accomplish what she set out to do Friday afternoon in the Baldwin Invitational, work on her technique and come away with a second consecutive gold medal.

"It went well. It wasn't my best like normal, but I'm getting there," explained Wiltrout.

Wiltrout and the other throwers in her flight didn't have to deal with any rain, but did have to contend with a steady wind.

"There was a strong headwind, like at states last year," said Wiltrout. "On the first one (throw), the javelin caught the wind and went 135-9."

Wiltrout wasn't satisfied with her first attempt, so she throw once more. The second attempt was more to her liking, landing 150-5 for her second-straight gold medal.

"I've been working so much on technique, I didn't want to fully go all out yet," said Wiltrout. 

The Connellsville junior also wanted to defend her title.

"I like this meet. I just wanted to get another number (distance). The success (today) was winning. I won last year after taking second the first year," said Wiltrout, adding, "I wanted to win."

Wiltrout, perhaps to the dismay of the crowds that now gather around when she throws, said she doesn't need to throw a "wow" throw every time out.

"I'm not trying to be 70 farther (than the competition). I don't really need it for the qualifier or WPIAL. I want to peak at a certain time," said Wiltrout. "These meets mean something to me, but there are bigger things (the Olympic trials) to come.

"Sometimes I feel there is a need to put on a show, but I'm doing it for me and I want to be healthy."

The next step on her way way back is the WPIAL Class AAA Central Qualifier next Thursday at Norwin High School.

"I do have a week to work on a lot of different things," said Wiltrout. "I'll have the same plan, but Norwin is where I threw 185 last year so I'm a little more into it.

"I just want to be one of the eight (to advance to the WPIAL finals)."

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