June wasn’t too bad with just 2 days of 90 degree weather and overall temperatures just 1.5 degrees above normal. July was a different story with 18 days of temperatures of 90 or better and averages 5 degrees above normal for the month.

Each summer the Uniontown area averages 11 days with readings of 90 degrees or better. So far, we are at 20 days with 90 or higher. The highest was 95 and I am sure some of you had car or back porch readings close to 100 degrees. About once in 10 years, we experience a summer with no 90 degree weather, but with our warming planet, this looks like it could be a thing of the past.

In addition to the heat, we did have some humid days when the “feel like” temperature was at 100 degrees. The feel like temperature incorporates what we call a dew point, which is a measure of the amount of moisture the air can hold. As the dew point reading increases, we can feel the moisture and we call it humid or “muggy.” It feels even worse when the air is calm and no wind is blowing. Dew point readings in the upper 50s and low 60s are fairly comfortable, but when they climb towards 70, we feel increasingly uncomfortable and readings over 70 are just down right uncomfortable for just about everybody.

Areas along the Gulf Coast have a very humid climate because dew point readings remain in the 70s for a good part of late spring, summer and fall. It is not until the cooler drier air from Canada reaches the Gulf Coast before they get relief. Here in Southwestern Pennsylvania our hot and humid weather is usually chased away by some refreshing cooler and drier air from Canada that pushes the heat and humidity southward when it wants to overstay its visit. We have had a few of these cool fronts pay us a visit and it looks like a period of somewhat cooler air is on the way this week.

Early August temperatures average 82 degrees for our high and 63 for the morning low respectively. Forecasts for the next two weeks indicate a good possibility of temperatures moving away from the series of 90-plus days and experiencing afternoon highs in the low 80s and perhaps a day or two in the upper 70s. Most nights should be in the low 60s with a few upper 50s.

Rainfall may continue to be on the dry side, but should average out closer to normal. Our big problem with the heat this summer has been the lack of any nice all day rains. Fronts moving through the region did bring a few storms, but often it was just a few drops and what we need is a good all day rain.

June rainfall was just about 2 inches in most places and July was closer to 3 inches. Both months were far below normal and again the rains were very scattered and the dry soils need rain.

As I write this a tropical storm is brewing and could be a problem for Florida into early part of the week. Sometimes the remnants of these storms can bring welcomed rains to areas that need rain. They are also responsible for some devastating floods. Let’s hope with our cooler weather a few periods more general rain are in the picture.

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