Pick up almost any newspaper or magazine today and you will find an article on weather and climate change.


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Do you realize that despite the Paris agreement there's only one nation that hounds it's people to no end to reduce CO2 . And it's working. But the European Union has gone backgrounds, and India,China,and Indonesia just snub their noses at us and the agreement they signed. Both India and China are actually using more coal than ever and are building more than 1000 coal fired power plants. And we are paying these "developing" countries ,3 trillion of our dollars to comply. Imagine that. Insanity on our part.

You know when an odor,particularly a noxious one, reaches high enuf concentrations, you develop olfactory fatigue. Well, all this killing the planet stuff that you and others endlessly spew had left me with olfactory fatigue.

How bout start criticizing those nations that totally disregard the accord, treaty,whatever you want to call it. When you and others pound these nations instead of the horse that pulls ( and gets flogged) then maybe my nose will begin smelling again.

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