Brownsville Class of 1973 holds 45th reunion

Brownsville Area School District Graduating Class of 1973 held its 45th anniversary class reunion recently at the Brownsville Sons of Italy. Pictured are (from left) row one: Doreen Tobias Bugai, Michelle Carney McManus, Denise Thomas Arrington, Charlene Coles Underwood, Mason Murray, Anna Drylie Zooner, Angie Scorza Rinchuse, Jan Purcell Jackson, Greg Check; row two: Collen Isler, Barb Joran Dayner, Janine Famularo Rechichar, Maureen Klamers Dudash, Jerry Kifus, Joe Hensel; row four: Bud Johns, Bill McManus, Bruce Rechichar; row five: Martin Fabis, Alice Shumar Watson; Rick Marker, row six: Bob Morris, Barb Shumar Walker, Chris DelSignore; row seven: Frank Bock, Joanne Sabatini, Theresa Kelly Altemara, Mike Hambacher, Steve Miske, Charles Harris, Durce Jackson, Lois Kennedy Bryan, Dave Remington; row eight: Joe Assad, Larry Cash, Scott Waters, Dave Mitchell, Alan Olesky. In attendance but not pictured: Bill Jackson, Bill Stiner and Kim Sawyers Groover.

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