Would have made more sense to put this next to Walmart, instead of putting a car dealership there. Another stand alone business which makes shopping inconvenient.

Great idea! Cut duplication of services and wasteful spending, so PA citizens' tax burden can be reduced. Another HUGE savings would be the merger of PennDOT and Turnpike Commission.

Another inconvenient, scattered stand alone location! This should have gone next to Walmart instead of a car dealership. Hasn't anyone on the planning commission every gone elsewhere to see what other communities do--and its not just putting businesses wherever.

South Union has a planning commission??? WHO KNEW!!! The hot mess of randomly scattered retail and medical buildings along Matthew Drive surely couldn't have planned. Now a car dealership next to Walmart! Do they think that ridiculously illogical and inconvenient layouts are will help inc…

This is just the first of many cutbacks that will take place. WVU will transition the advanced specialty care departments up to Ruby in Morgantown. Critical emergency cases will be stabilized here then sent to Morgantown.

My guess is that many of the specialty services now offered will be shifted up to Ruby. Uniontown Hospital will definitely be downsized because it will be more economical to shift more complex care cases.

Don't let this go! You purchased the items in good faith and you assumed that problems would be handled the right way. Definitely file a complaint with the Attorney General. You try to BUY LOCAL and keep the money here in town, but then have to deal with all the aggravation.

Mundels WAS always a very dependable business for many years. Clearly the current management is ruining their good reputation.

I was recently shopping for a new dining room set and asked friends for recommendations. Everyone said DO NOT deal with Mundels--merchandise not delivered as promised, damaged merchandise, money not refunded when merchandise was not available. Very, very sad when you try to SHOP LOCAL and so…

More randomly places businesses scattered all over. Most other places build lifestyle centers where shops and eating places are clustered in one conventient location. That maze at Fayette Crossing is a disaster. That could have been an attraction instead of a mismatched collection of various…