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Bower—a former Democrat turned republican—has disgraced his office. The proper thing to do would be to resign his post, but we all know that today’s republicans have have slipped the bonds of decency and have become full blown traitors to the Republic. What a travesty.

All of Armstrong’s sports teams should have been banned from further competition until the youngest spectator shouting that atrocious phrase at the goalie has graduated from high school. Make it a real lesson.

Republicans have sold their souls to $atan.

It’s obvious that the PA republican representatives hate the very people who elect them to office. Unions are perhaps the only way that most in the labor pool have to obtain decent, living wages and decent working conditions. Republicans lie to their constituents about unions to scare the…

Well said, Mr. Quarrick. Thank you.

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Nothing happened! The only evidence of voter fraud was a couple of republicans—republicans!—voting for dead people! Just because a proven liar said he could only lose if the election was stolen doesn’t make it true. Open your eyes, sassy! You’re being made into a fool!

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Excellent comment, Mr. Spielberg. It’s truly mind blowing how republicans have embraced the philosophies of authoritarianism and fascism. Turning their backs to the Capitol police—and democracy, in general—is alarming. All in obedience to a man of great ignorance and hate. I hope they wil…

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Well said, Mr. Spiegler. These fascists must be defeated and prevented from destroying our democracy. Keep speaking your truth.

As long as guns are held in higher esteem than human life, all I can offer is thoughts and prayers.

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Interesting that in your article of May 9, you go on at great length about how awful it was that the local federal legislator, Guy whatshisname, collaborated with Nancy Pelosi, but in this article you extol the virtues of governmental collaboration, about sports, or course. Which way is i…